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Tips and Tricks When Buying a Truck

During the first half of 2018 alone, more than 1.4 million pickup trucks have already been sold in the U.S. according to the automotive research company, Kelley Blue Book. With gas prices falling and truck models improving,

For Small Businesses: Tips to Save on Car Rental Services

When travelling for business, renting a car helps you save time and money. While most hiring companies are known for their elegance, advanced security measures, and designs, they do not come cheap. The cost of hiring prestige

Why You Should Never Ignore Your Car’s Brake Noises

Strange noises coming from your brakes can make you panic, given the importance of brakes in keeping you safe on the road. There may be times when that panic is unnecessary, but you should never ignore persistent

3 Top Reasons to Regularly Service Your Car

If you recently bought a car, then chances are you’re getting the most out of it without incurring huge expenses in repairs. As time goes by, however, the car will wear out more and the number of times

3 Easy Ways to Improve the Durability of Your Truck Tires

The lifespan of an average tire is often determined by the miles covered and load carried. This assumption is especially so for trucks whose main use is to transport heavy loads over long distances. Often, trucks have to

Travel Guide: 3 Must-See Places to Visit in Manila

The Philippines is a vivacious yet underappreciated city. Manila, its capital, is an eclectic mix of rich history and modern attractions, seen by the magnificent cathedrals and historic establishments, as well as modern-day malls and amenities. If

The Advantages of Utes: What You Should Know

Utility vehicles, or Utes, are popular everywhere. It is a good choice for farm and commercial use because it is reliable and can carry loads a regular car cannot. They are particularly popular in New Zealand. Kiwis

Three Must-Read Tips On How To Make Bike Ride Exciting For Everyone

Whether it’s your first time to ride a cargo bike or not, it’s vital to ensure that your kid will also have a great time in the outdoors. They may just be in the carrier for now,

The Classic Car: Is It Just Old or Does It Need to Be Unique?

What makes a classic car — classic? Is it the age, make, model, rarity or popularity? If it’s the age, how old does car have to be to gain the label of being a classic vehicle? Ardell

Top 3 Gears to Keep You Warm During a Winter Hunting Trip

Hunting in the winter can be an exciting experience for hunters. At the same time, it can turn out to be a trip gone sour for a newbie who doesn’t know how to keep warm during a