3 Fantastic Gift Ideas for a Son Who Will Study in College

Gift Ideas in VancouverIf your son would be going to college, you might help him make the transition by giving him three gifts that will definitely grant him the ease and comfort he needs as a college student.

Your son will be going to college and he may have, for most of the time, looked at you with those “Puss In Boots” eyes, wanting you to give him something, without him really saying it. So, what do you think will be the best gift for your son? If you are still stumped up to this moment, then the suggestions below might just help you decide.

Used Car

You may be raising your eyebrows right now if you belong to the category of people who drive a Maserati or a Porsche; however, if you want to teach your son the value of hard work, then he may settle for a used car. You can find a lot of North Vancouver used cars that are in good condition. One car that could very well fit the bill is a used Infiniti. This would be a good choice as this car is known for power and robustness. In addition, Cheat Sheet mentioned that you would enjoy a better price for this one.

The Latest Smartphone

Okay, now with so many smartphones available out there, you can at least get him the latest model, one which actually drives people to line out of the store during the early hours of the morning. A good and highly reliable smartphone can do wonders in easing his transition from high school to college. Passing college is something that would require him to be on top of things every single day and having a good smartphone will be very helpful.

A Good Apartment

Now this would primarily depend on the location of the apartment. Although a dorm within the campus is ideal, it can be quite hefty in the pocket, as what US News said. So the best option would be to find a nice apartment off campus, yet at the same time, ensure that it will be easy for your child to travel to and fro the school. With a good off-campus apartment, and a used car, what more can your son ask for?

So remember these three great gift ideas that you can give for your son if he would be going to college. You can give him a used car, the latest smartphone, and a really good apartment, all to give him the convenience and the comfort he needs as he studies and hurdle college life.