Essential Steps to Follow for Parents of New Teen Drivers

Teen Driver From QueenslandTeenagers consider driving as their road to independence. With the right car, your teen can easily and freely explore Queensland — or maybe just pick up friends in a suburb in Moreton Bay. And while you can’t prevent your kid from wanting to drive, you can regulate use of the car to ensure his safety and others on the road.

Supervision is Necessary

It’s understandable for you to worry over your teen driving. Statistics show that of all hospitalisations of young Australians, nearly half are due to road traffic crash, and one-third of all speeding drivers in fatal crashes are men, aged 17 to 25, and 6% are women, of the same age range. Among the risk factors of road accidents are driver error, alcohol, speeding and night driving.

You can reduce the risks for your teen before he starts driver training and license application. Offer initial lessons and build up your teen’s confidence. Provide gentle recommendations and observations about his driving. And set ground rules that come with consequences so your teen follows them.

Your rules could include a schedule for using the car, and responsibilities with maintaining its condition, including paying for petrol.

Provide Access to Critical Services

Your teen should have access to services, such as auto repair and towing. Give him the contact details of reliable mechanics and towing services in your area. This way, your teen doesn’t panic when, for example, the car breaks down in Narangba or elsewhere in Moreton Bay.

Aside from giving access to critical services, make sure your car insurance covers your teen driver, too. You can’t fully prevent accidents, but you can certainly minimise its impact.

Finally, your teen will learn from you so set a good example. Your children will note your behaviour while on the road so you need to practice responsible driving. Follow traffic rules, keep calm under pressure and always drive safe.

Your new teen driver is achieving a milestone. Guide him through his driving lessons. Offer support. And ensure his safety, and that of others, on the road.