For Small Businesses: Tips to Save on Car Rental Services

Car salesman handing over the keys for a new car to a young businessmanWhen travelling for business, renting a car helps you save time and money. While most hiring companies are known for their elegance, advanced security measures, and designs, they do not come cheap. The cost of hiring prestige cars in the United Kingdom may take a toll on your business if the travelling expenditure is too high. Here are ways to minimise the cost:

Join a Rewards Program

When travelling for business, every little discount matters because your savings will eventually add up. Find rental car programs suitable for business travellers and sign up. In most of these, members enjoy great benefits. Since they save relevant information regarding your preferences, you can rent your favourite car. Frequent users also enjoy free upgrades and don’t have to queue. Additionally, these programs are crafted for small businesses.

Scrutinise the Terms

Before deciding on your renting company, read the fine print to get details on taxation and other additional charges. Do not assume that what the price tag indicates is what you will pay. There might be additional hidden charges, which you ought to be aware of. Go through the hiring terms and conditions thoroughly to understand what your responsibilities and limitations are. Compare different companies to see which has the best offers.

Avoid Renting at the Airport

Renting a car at the airport is convenient when you are flying in. However, this comes at an extra cost. You can blame it on the airport surcharges. Compare the price for getting your car at the airport and the price for getting it at a rental outside. Factor in time and the cost of a taxi, and if the difference is significant, pick your car outside the airport. Doing so will help you save some cash.

Overall, renting a car in the UK can be very expensive. Fortunately, you can do something to reduce your expenses.