Keeping Steel Garage Door in Tiptop Shape

Garage Door in UtahSteel garage doors have become popular choices for homeowners, as they not only provide a strong and sturdy door for your garage, but are also very stylish. However, as time goes by, these will eventually give in to wear and tear. So, here are some useful maintenance tips to ensure it serves its purpose well and lasts for a long time.

Spotting signs of wear

One of the most important aspects of steel garage door maintenance is spotting wear and tear. Despite them being sturdier than other types, they still undergo a lot of abuse. Hence, some of the most common signs of wear are dents and dings. This can go further, with some panels having noticeable bends or other deformities.

Difficulty when opening the door is also another sign. Either this might be due to the door itself jamming against the frame or because the various mechanical components are already worn. In the case of electrically operated doors, this might also be due to a fault in their control system.

When you are electric bills begin to rise for no reason, this could also mean a faulty garage door. The idea here is that garage doors in Salt Lake City, including the steel ones, are provided with insulation to keep the room at the right temperature. A higher electric bill may mean that your garage door might not be properly insulated, letting trapped heat out and requiring more heating.

Maintaining your garage door

After the inspection, you can then do maintenance work. Here are some routine maintenance tasks you can do. But remember that it’s best to get an expert to do the job for you. Experts from Prices Doors suggest that you get a garage door installer that offers a lifetime maintenance program.

1. Tighten all the moving parts

2. Replace worn rollers and weather stripping

3. Check the cables

4. Check the door for balance

5. Lubricate everything

6. Inspect the door for balance

Of course, your garage door maintenance does not end with just fixing the problems. Clean it up and give it a coat of paint or varnish to make it look like new again.