Newbie Tire Care: Keeping Your Tires in Top Condition

Tire Care in ProvoYou’ve recently gotten a new car or a second-hand one, and you’re now planning to hit the road regularly. One of the most important aspects you should pay attention to is tire care and maintenance. Car tire maintenance can mean the difference between life and death. Here are just a few simple but very useful reminders.

Look for Wear and Damage – Neglecting your tires’ condition can lead to dangerous and costly auto accidents. Before you even start a journey, have your tires, including your spare, checked for tread wear and possible holes or damages. The average legal measurement for tread depth is 1.66mm along the center and should be applicable to at least 3/4 of the whole tire’s surface. Remove dirt, stones and any debris lodged in the tire grooves.

Check the Inflation Pressure – Along with safety, fuel economy and engine performance can be affected by poor inflation pressure. When checking your tire pressure, make sure the wheels are cool to get the right measurements. Your vehicle’s proper inflation pressure can be found in the vehicle card or owner’s manual provided by your car manufacturer. If you are unsure on how to inflate your tires, ask the help of the gas station staff or your mechanic or look up a DIY video online.

Consult the Experts – If you plan to mount or align your tires, or change the new tires of your vehicle in Provo, consult the professionals first. There are tire brands that do have their own service stations and you can consult a car service center. You can put yourself in serious harm if you try to do something on your own that actually requires proper knowledge and heavy equipment.

Rule of thumb for the newbie car owner: If in doubt, don’t. If you feel something’s not right with your tires or how the car is inclined, or how slippery the road feels, then stop and check your tires. If you’re still not sure, have your car checked by an expert service mechanic. Remember, your car matters but your life matters more.