Safety Tips to Remember When Operating a Lorry Crane

Cranes Safely in SingaporeLorry cranes are useful for lifting and transporting medium to heavy loads. These truck-mounted cranes are also capable of moving from one job site to other, which eliminates the need for additional equipment for transportation.

As with other types of heavy equipment, however, operating a lorry crane should be done with extreme caution. According to, the operator must be familiar with the potential risks, as well as the necessary measures to reduce those said risks.


To ensure its safe operation, the lorry crane must be parked on a solid and stable ground. In addition, the outriggers shall be fully extended to keep the crane steady. The work zone shall be cordoned off with warning signs to keep anyone, except the unauthorised personnel, from entering the area.

Traffic management

Proper traffic management can also keep both the workers and road users safe. Apart from cordoning off the work area, the traffic flow must be redirected accordingly. Warning lights and signage must also be properly placed. In addition, workers should wear luminous vests while in the area to enhance their visibility to motorists.

Overhead clearance

Certain tasks may cause parts of the lorry crane to reach or come into contact with large trees, overhead cables, street lights, and other obstructions. To keep the workers from being exposed to danger, it is recommended that there’s enough clearance between the crane and any potential hazards at all times. Ideally, a distance of 4 metres must be maintained between any part of the crane and power lines. If possible, clear the area of all obstructions before proceeding with the task.

Ultimately, lorry cranes shall be inspected on a regular basis to make sure that they can be operated without problems. Be sure to comply with the periodic maintenance schedule that the manufacturer recommended.