The Advantages of Automated Truck and Container Loading System

Interior of WarehouseThe sight of thousands of containers coming in and out of the port is a great sign of a flourishing economy. Can you imagine the greater benefits to the economy if the loading and unloading of these containers would be faster and more efficient? In the region where a faster transaction would help boost the economy further, a world-class solution for truck and container loading system is a must. Here’s why:

Faster Turnaround

The traditional container loading system takes about an average speed of about 40 minutes to load a container to the truck. What if you can cut the loading time of a container from 40 minutes to 3 minutes? The faster the turnaround of the deliveries, the more efficient operation, and the bigger income you get.

Lesser Units

With the faster turnaround time for trucks to deliver consumer products, studies suggest that the operation would need lesser units to complete the delivery. Also, with an automated dock loading and unloading system in place, there’s no need to have a forklift fleet. This would mean less operational cost and even lesser maintenance expenses.

Manpower Allocation

The implementation of the automated docking system trims down the number of forklift and delivery trucks, which means lesser manpower in this operation. Other affected human resources could be redeployed to some parts of the entire operations to help improve the overall performance altogether. This means greater efficiency while reducing labour costs.

Safe Workplace

Of course, human interaction with machine increases the risk of accidents. No physical interaction, no accident. Without physical interaction in loading the container on a truck, your decision to automate the dock loading helps increase the workplace safety.

No More Warehouse Fee

When loading is slow, it affects the entire shipping operation. Containers tend to stay for a longer period, which might result in demurrage charges, an unnecessary additional expense that could be eliminated if only the loading is more efficient and faster.

The installation of a systematic container loading and unloading system gives a competitive edge for not only every logistics companies but the entire economy. It helps bring the supply faster to meet the increasing demands, make the operation even faster while minimising the risk of accidents.