The Repercussions of Postponing Car Maintenance

Car MaintenanceVehicles are complex mechanical systems that require different parts to work together. This only means that a failure in one part could result in troubles with another component or the entire system. Repair and maintenance services are important to keep your car running at its best performance. Failure to do this can reduce your car’s life span and lead to hefty repair bills of failed engine or bad brakes.

Interconnected System

Most parts of your car are interconnected and ignoring maintenance can lead to problems. Certain parts or the whole system can fail. Neglecting even simple recommended maintenance like oil change can lead to expensive breakdowns, engine unreliability and even poor fuel economy.

Follow the Manufacturer

Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule in the owner’s manual to avoid costly repairs. There are service shops that create their own schedule, requiring more frequent services than the manufacturer’s original recommendation. Car experts and mobile truck repair centres suggest asking the shop to explain, and make sure that you fully understand, why they recommend a certain service or repair.

Listen to Your Vehicle

The more you know about your vehicle’s condition, the more likely you’ll prevent future problems. The truth is, it is possible to detect a few issues by using your senses. You can inspect the vehicle, listen for unusual noises, or sense a problem in how the vehicle works. If you notice a constant drop of fluid under your vehicle, unusual odours and sounds, and poor performance, consult a mechanic to diagnose the problem.

Typical Car Maintenance

Basic vehicle maintenance includes changing fuel filter, spark plugs and oil. It is also noteworthy to check ignition timing, rotate tires, replace timing belt, and perform an annual brake check-up. It is best to set a budget to avoid skipping routine car maintenance services or delay an appointment with an auto shop.

If you don’t maintain or postpone car maintenance, you may take several kilometres over its life. Regular maintenance is important to avoid invalidation of your vehicle’s warranty, and even more for a safer driving.