Things to Consider in Buying a Bike

Bike Buying in Brisbane With all the different types of bicycles available, it can get confusing to decide on a specific one. Being a beginner cyclist, you’ve probably seen road bikes, hybrid bikes, and even mountain bikes. But which one best suits your needs?

Your choice of a bike depends on the distance, terrain you want to ride and your own tastes and preferences. The Yellow Jersey Bike Shop shares a guide that will help you decide on the right bike for you.

What type of riding will you be involved in?

There are different types of riding and you’ll find that one bike may not suit your cycling style. For example, if you are more into leisure or recreational riding, you’ll need a bike that you can easily ride on when out with kids or friends in the city. You can use any kind of bicycle for this type of reading.

For those touring or commuting to work, an expedition or touring bicycle may come in handy. Off-road drivers will find hybrid and mountain bikes convenient as these bikes are able to navigate harsh areas. Racers need a bike that is built on performance and speed. Visit Brisbane bike stores to know which type of bike best suits your riding needs.

Where will you be riding?

Your terrain influences the type of bicycle you choose. Cycling on a large hill will require you to get a different bike from one cycling to office on a smooth surface.

The Different Types of Bikes Available

Mountain bikes. These are the most common bikes sold in bike shops as they are affordable, comfortable and have a status appeal compared to other bikes. You can easily go mountain climbing with these bikes.

Hybrid bikes. Hybrid is a combination of a mountain and a road bike. Suitable for short paved rides, these bikes have narrower tires and slimmer frames with raised handlebars. Hybrid bikes are suitable for commuting or leisure and are more stable and comfortable. Nevertheless, they are not as fast as mountain bikes.

Road bikes. Featuring thin tires, fine frame and short wheelbase and flat handlers, road bikes are designed for speed as they are light. Nonetheless, they are not as strong as mountain bikes. These bikes are ideal for commute, charity rides, and triathlons.

These are just some of the bikes available. To know more, visit a bike shop in Brisbane today. You‘ll get more details on what bike best suits your cycling needs.