Top Advantages of Metal Pressing

Metal Pressing in AldridgeMetal pressing is a manufacturing process that transforms flat sheets of metal into various shapes. Also known as metal stamping, the metal parts produced by this process are used industry-wide — from car parts to household appliances to large types of machinery for factories.

There are other metalwork processes capable of producing precision-shaped metal parts, but Winward Engineering LTD points out that metal pressings in the UK remain one of the widely used. Here are the benefits or advantages why it is so popular.

  • It is cost-efficient.

The shorter processing time involved in metal pressing results in significant cost cuts compared to other processes such as metal cutting.

  • It produces parts that are consistent in quality.

In metal cutting, each material is cut one by one. Apart from being time-consuming, it is hard to maintain the exact quality of each cut material without using a die. In the metal pressing process, plenty of pressed metal parts is processed at a time. Maintaining the quality of the metal parts also keeps the quality of the finished product.

  • It offers higher precision.

New innovations in the metal stamping or pressing process enable metalwork companies to operate with higher precision. This level of expertise allows companies to produce metal parts that are consistent all the way.

  • It produces less scrap material.

A process called progressive stamping involves coining, bending, punching and other ways to turn a flat metal sheet into the finished metal part that clients require. Using this technique, the majority of the material is utilised. This means there is less scrap metal to deal with.

The proliferation of startup enterprises means there are more clients requiring precision metal parts but in fewer quantities. Therefore, many metalwork companies are looking for innovative ways on how to handle the growing needs of the market.