Travel Guide: Touring Singapore with Public Transport

Traveling SingaporeThere are many reasons tourists enjoy visiting Singapore. Aside from the city-state’s wonderful sights and fun-filled activities, going around the place is easy because of their cost-efficient and highly penetrative transportation system. Learn some basic commute guide about Lion’s city reliable transport service here:

Rapid Mass Transit

Singapore’s train system also known as the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) is the quickest and most comfortable way to tour around the place. What’s good about this system is its nearby major attractions and is highly accessible for wheelchair users, persons with disabilities, and families who are using strollers.


In Singapore, buses are the major transits that bring you to places not covered by the train lines. These cover an extensive network of routes and are fully air-conditioned. Along with that, riding a bus to tour around the city-state is less costly compared to other transits. There are two public bus operators in Singapore: the SMRT (the yellow ones) and the SBS Transit or the red-and-white buses. Fare prices range from $1.50 to $3.00.


For places that are not reachable by train or MRT, hailing a taxi is definitely the ideal option. Though the fare is a bit higher compared to the two other forms of transits, cabs are readily available at every roadside. If you are in a hurry, riding a taxi cab is a good idea. To avoid additional charges, it is always best to ask and check with your driver, if there is any other special rate for specific destinations. Don’t forget to ask for a receipt at the end of your trip, so that you can easily get in touch with their operator, if you have concerns.

Indeed, it is easy to tour around Singapore on local transit. If you’re quite unsure about your routes, you may simply check it online or do some research.