Upgrading Car Wheels: Your Guide in Choosing the Right Rims for Your Vehicle

Car RimsThe wheels can improve the appeal of your vehicle, but did you know that these could also affect the overall driving experience and performance? Changing or upgrading the rims of your car is sometimes necessary, so check and understand what type of wheels match your needs and lifestyle.


If you decided to get bigger rims, you also need to make some adjustments in your tires. With increased wheels, replacement for the tires is important. Fuchsfelge USA noted that this helps achieve the best grip on the road as well as improving the handling and steering response of your vehicle.

Bolt Pattern

Another thing you should remember when changing rims is the bolt holes or pattern of your tire. This helps you determine how many bolt holes are in your wheel and figure out the distance of each bolt. By knowing these measurements, you can pick the right size for your car easily.


Wheels are usually made of aluminum or steel. Aluminum, which weighs less, helps improve the fuel efficiency of your car. Steel, which is heavier, can ensure durability. The only problem with steel or heavier wheels, however, is you are more likely to feel bumps when driving. Aluminum, on the other hand, ensures smoother riding experience because it dispels brake heat more effectively.


To find the right wheel, it is necessary that you know the backspacing size. This is the measurement of the mounting surface of your wheel in the middle part up to the back edge of the rim, which is usually measured in inches. You need to get the right size or else your wheels won’t fit to the tires properly.

Choosing the right set of rims will becomes a no-brainer task once you know the right size and measurements of your ride. Regardless of whether you’re looking for Fuchsfelgen or Konig rims, you can find what you’re looking for easily by knowing the details of your car.