4 Simple Guidelines to Maintaining Your Motorbike

Man on a MotorbikeIf you are an avid rider, you know how important it is that your bike stays in good shape. A motorcycle in bad condition can be a struggle to ride. How do you take care of your bike so it serves you best? Here are a few tips:

Find a reliable bike mechanic

Like your car, a bike needs a specialist to inspect and fix any parts that need repairs or replacement. The right person will have a well-equipped facility, complete with Titan motorcycle lifts and motorcycle parts, so your bike gets the best care. Your bike mechanic should be able to advise you on how to take care of your bike.

Use the right oil

Oil is crucial to the functioning of your bike’s engine. However, not just any oil is good for your motorcycle. Choose motorcycle specific oil. Some bikes have a “wet clutch,” which means their engine oil doubles up as their transmission fluid. Be sure to check oil levels regularly and change the oil as required. Replace the oil filter appropriately, too.

Maintain the brakes

Brakes are among the most significant safety features your bike has, so they need extra attention. Fortunately, they’re quite easy to maintain. While working on them, remember that the front and the rear brakes are separate, so work on each of them independently. Keep checking and replacing the brake pads as appropriate.

Check the tires

You may not check your bike’s tires every time you’re leaving on a road trip, but when it comes to your motorbike you cannot afford to do the same. Even a small difference in tire pressure can have significant alterations in the handling of your bike, even if you aren’t going fast. The results can be catastrophic. Make sure that they are both well inflated.

When it comes to your motorbike, the care you give it determines how long you will have it. Fortunately, bikes are far easier to maintain compared to their four wheeled cousins.