Finding The Right Motorcycle For You

Man riding motorcycleThere are two types of would-be motorcyclists: those who have already decided on the model they want to buy and those who are still overwhelmed by the wide variety of options and confusing nomenclature that they don’t know where to actually start.

OK, this may be “gross generalization,” but you got to admit there’s some truth in it. Let experts from help narrow down the list and get the machine that’s right for you.

A Reminder On Getting advice

Consider it both good and bad news that almost everyone you meet already owns a motorbike and will be more than happy to give you advice. There’s your six-foot, four-inch friend who raves about his Honda NC700X with its 33-inch-tall seat. Meanwhile, another “expert” tells you to get a Ducati because the chicks love it or to avoid the Italian stuff because they’re overpriced.

The thing is, people love their rides, and too often they rush to tell you what they love instead of understanding your needs as a beginner in the field. If you’re ever going to ask someone for advice, their first response should be “What do you want to do with it?”

Sifting Through Your Options

• Cruisers – Feature low seat height, allowing you to easily get your feet on the ground. Its engines are tuned for low-speed torque for relaxed rides.
• Standard or naked bikes – These come with comfortable, neutral riding positions. The Honda CB500 line offer standard bikes that are powerful but not too overwhelming even for less experienced bikers.
• Sport bikes – Often lightweight, sport bikes are race replicas built for handling and speed. They have a race-oriented ergonomics with taller seats than average.

It’s a great time to be a motorcyclist since manufacturers are churning out a range of designs to fit any kind of riding you want to do. There are also more user-friendly and affordable options for beginning riders.