Forklift Horror Stories: Why Forklift Drivers Need Licences

ForkliftWe all generally make fun of forklift videos where everything goes wrong. You see the slow movement of the vehicle then the eventual trigger for the massive warehouse meltdown. You laugh, cringe at the possible injury to the driver, and think that’s that.

But did you know that there are safety measures and procedures in place to help forklift drivers emerge alive from accidents? 

Take a look at what drivers should do when any of these two horror stories happen to them:

1. The forklift tips over as it turns.

This is one of the most common accidents, according to Safe Work Australia. This usually happens when the driver is too focused on balancing the load and the vehicle overturns on a bend, making it tip over. Worst case scenario is that the driver jumps out and gets his neck broken from the overhead guard slamming down on him.

What the driver should have done, according to braced himself for the tip-over, held the steering wheel tighter, squared his legs and feet and tried to be as stable and close to the vehicle as possible. He may be jarred from the impact of the forklift going on its side but he would most likely not be crushed by the vehicle.

2. The forks strike you or move so fast it hurls something at you.

One incident says that while a forklift was moving in reverse, it knocked a bin that ricocheted off the wall. The bin hit the forks of the vehicle as the latter turned at high speed, which then threw the bin at someone in the vicinity, causing grave injury.

What the driver should have done: forklifts should never be operated at high speeds, even if it is unloaded. They don’t have the stability of normal cars and the forks are very dangerous.

Nonetheless, a lot of things wouldn’t get done without forklifts. This is why it’s important for any forklift service Sydney has to offer to present full credentials and professionalism.

If the company you’re interested in contracting can’t provide all the necessary papers, you’re better off looking for someone else to help you.