4 Smart Tips for the Brand New Car Owner

Man receiving his keys of his brand new carAs a new car owner, you’d want to make sure that your car will last for a good long time. Here are some of the things you should do to make this happen.

Stick to Your Periodic Service Schedule

Most brand new cars are still covered by free periodic service for the next two or three years of its life. Make the most of this by bringing your car to an auto repair service in Arvada, CO for a complete checkup. After the covered years, however, feel free to bring your car wherever. The periodic checks help maintain the new car's status and give you some useful information about it. Don’t be afraid to chat with your serviceman to find out what needs to be done.

Know the Recommended Tire Pressure

The pressure of your tires depends on the number of passengers you usually have. You’ll find that there’s a chart for that to help you figure the optimal amount. Tire pressure is crucial because a nearly-deflated tire can cause irreversible damage to the car, not to mention it makes your gas consumption more expensive. Learn to bring a tire pressure gauge with you at all times. Check the tires at least once a week to see if it’s still within the required amount. 

Value Your Battery

Your battery should last one or two years, depending on its quality. A sign that your battery may need to be recharged or replaced is when you need two or three times to start up the vehicle. Be mindful of open lights or anything that might cause the battery to discharge since this will hold you up unnecessarily.

Be Mindful of the Sounds

A brand new car owner should get a general feel of how their car runs, sounds, and responds to various actions. Once you get used to the ‘normal’ occurrences of driving, you should be able to distinguish the abnormal sounds, grinding, or responses. Take note of this and do not hesitate to bring your car for service.

Want to guarantee your car's continued value? Follow the instructions given above and see for yourself.