Travel Guide: 3 Must-See Places to Visit in Manila

Intramuros, ManilaThe Philippines is a vivacious yet underappreciated city. Manila, its capital, is an eclectic mix of rich history and modern attractions, seen by the magnificent cathedrals and historic establishments, as well as modern-day malls and amenities.

If the Philippines is your next destination for an adventure, you need not worry about getting around once you’re in the city. There are plenty of companies like where you can rent a car from, for your convenience.

There are three must-see tourist spots just around Manila that you can easily reach by car:

1. Intramuros

Your first stop in Manila should be the oldest part of the city, which is Intramuros. Also called the Walled City, long and sturdy16th and 17th-century walls surround Intramuros, making a stark contrast to the high-rise cityscape around it. Intramuros lets you can appreciate beautiful colonial architecture as it has been the seat of the government during the Spanish Colonial Period until 1898.

You may also visit Intramuros’ premier tourist attraction: Fort Santiago, which is home to nostalgic architecture, lovely gardens, and intricate plazas and fountains. You may park your rented car, tour on foot, or go around the city by a calesa-drawn carriage for a more memorable trip.

2. Rizal Park

After visiting Intramuros, the next attraction you must see is Rizal Park.

It is a park of great historical significance to Philippine history. Here is where Jose Rizal, a great patriot, and the country’s national hero, was executed in 1896. The monument was erected in 1913 at the spot where Rizal has been killed.

Aside from its cultural importance, this park is also an open space with trees and plants all around. It can be a perfect spot for families and friends who like going on picnics or walks.

3. Cultural Center of the Philippines

Lastly, after a day of visiting Intramuros and Rizal Park, you can spend the evening enjoying performances at the country’s top performing arts theatre, the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP). This stunning building is designed by a notable Filipino architect, Leandro Locsin. Apart from watching various performances, you can also view modern art galleries here. There are exhibits that showcase the works of various modernist and contemporary painters.

These three are must-see places to visit in Manila. Enjoy sightseeing in the historical places such as Intramuros and Rizal Park, and appreciate arts and humanities at the CCP.