Choose Wisely, Drive Safely: The Smart Reasons to Purchase a Used Car

Woman picking up a used car from lotThere are plenty of reasons to purchase a completely new vehicle, but it also makes a lot of sense to buy a new one instead. Choose lightly used low mileage cars in Provo you can buy from dealers such as

The average used car in 2015 had 51,554 miles on it and was 4.3 years old, as per J.D. Power. Here are reasons buying a used car is the wisest decision that you can make:

Save Money

By purchasing a used vehicle, you will get to save thousands of dollars. If you base it on the data from J.D. Power, you will be USD 13,500 richer if you buy a used car rather than a new one. The reason behind this is that new vehicles depreciate quickly.

Consumer Reports reveal that your new vehicle will be valued at only 54 percent of what you originally bought it after merely three years of use.

Vehicle History Reports

The two largest providers of these reports are AutoCheck and Carfax, and it is extremely critical that you acquire one when purchasing a used vehicle. With the VIN of the car, the companies will be able to retrieve a considerable amount of data on a used car.

Such information includes the total number of former owners, mileage authentication, and previous registration status, like a taxi, lease, fleet or personal. It also discloses the Lemon Law, repair, accident, and flood history of a used vehicle.

Even though this report will not be able to disclose all potential issues, it adds peace of mind to the buyers of used cars.

The vehicles in this day and age, even used cars, are better than before. Vehicle history reports can expose crucial information about the vehicle’s past. Obviously, you will get to save more money than getting a new one.

Just ensure it has gone through proper regular maintenance with the old owners to get your money’s worth.