A Guide to the Different Types of Car Lifts

Car on a Lift in a GarageWhen it comes to your job, having the proper equipment is important to complete the task efficiently and safely. This includes car lifts.

Here are the different types of car lifts that you should know:

Two-Post Lifts

A two-post auto lift is practically the standard in the auto mechanic industry. JMC Equipment and other experts say that it’s ideal for home mechanics and small garage businesses because it’s cost-effective.

As the name implies, the equipment is constructed with two main steel beams — in-between, which the car is suspended. The lift likewise offers space efficiency. There are different types of two-post lifts — symmetrical and asymmetrical types.

Four-Post Lifts

Space can be a concern in most garages, and a four-post lift is a good option because of its space-saving capabilities. The lift has four hydraulic posts as well as a vehicle table. The car is on the lift’s surface as the lift rises to allow space for another vehicle underneath.

Alignment Lifts

An alignment lift is designed to calibrating and aligning a vehicle easier. It looks similar to a four-post lift, but it has more features like rotatable ramps and multiple locking positions. These features offer better control and access to the car’s undercarriage. A space-saver, it is also ideal for small auto shops or garages.

Bridge Jacks

The equipment is a type of add-on accessory. It can convert your four-post lift into a service station for wheels. You can easily elevate two or four wheels off the runway for suspension work and brake jobs. It can easily be wheeled for storage because of its convenient size.

Motorcycle Lifts

This is a small and durable specialty lift. It is compact and designed for use in various types of recreational vehicles like jet skis, ATVs, and dirt bikes. The lift is built with a quick-action foot pump that provides the mechanic total control.

Scissor Lifts

Another perfect option for a small garage, a scissor lift is conveniently sized and has a portable power pack to allow it to be taken anywhere it needs to be, and where bigger lifts cannot fit.

By knowing the various types of lifts available, you can determine the type of lift that you need.