AA Urges More Safety Information for Used Car Buyers in NZ

Used Car LotNew Zealand’s secondary car market became bigger than the primary segment in 2016, as there were 160,000 used imported vehicles compared to around 140,000 new car sales, according to the NZ Automobile Association

For this reason, the (AA) encouraged auto suppliers to provide buyers with more safety information on second-hand vehicles. If your budget allows you to customise yet not enough to buy a new car, then Tyre Tracks suggests investing in mag wheels and other car parts to improve safety.

Safety Gap

The increasing number of used car imports makes safety a more relevant concern, said AA Motoring Services General Manager Stella Stocks. While new cars have been safer, the gap widens when compared to security features of old vehicles. The safety differences for new and used cars are not easily noticeable, which is why buyers should have access to more information.

First-time buyers, particularly those with a limited budget, need this to make informed decisions. The availability of more information will help them narrow their choices amid so many choices, according to Stocks. Despite the popularity of second-hand vehicles, the new car market is still on track to achieve another record year in 2017.

New Sales

The Motor Industry Association (MIA) said that an estimated 13,063 new vehicles were sold in August, up 3% year over. The increase helped the auto industry to achieve more than 100,000 registrations so far for 2017. Commercial vehicle registrations served as the bright spot in the market, as sales rose 18%. Passenger car and SUV registrations, however, dropped 3.2%.

Toyota accounted for the biggest market share during the month, as it captured a 19% share. Ford stood behind at 10%, while Holden accounted for 8%.

Kiwis turn to used cars since prices can be high for new vehicles, yet the increase in new car sales meant that more people still value safety over saving money.