Brembo Brake Systems: The Gran Turismo Brake Kits

Brembo GT braking systems come with slotted ventilated or cross-drilled, composite or integral brake discs and aluminum calipers along with 8, 6, 0r 4 pistons — a whole set of durable, high performance braking pads, hoses that are braided with metal, and hardware of the most superior quality.

At the Heart of Brembo GT Braking Systems

brake systemThe GT Brembo brakes consist of aluminum calipers that feature opposing pistons which, depending on the car model and the increasing performance requirements, can be monoblock, composite, or billet monoblock, along with slotted or cross-drilled composite or integral massive brake discs. These GT brake kits perfectly combine the most ideal solutions for delivering the best results to each model’s distinctive characteristics and requirements.

At the very core of a GT brake system are the aluminum calipers. Monoblock components are crafted from a billet of durable cast aluminum to make sure the calipers can effectively withstand deformation and offer more rigid support. The brake discs, which can be either integral or floating based on the particular model of a car, boast of a proprietary ventilation system capable of enhancing cooling capacity and increasing resistance to cracks that may result from thermal shock.

Slotted and cross-drilled finishes, on the other hand, are specially developed to offer even more support for the whole braking system. The slots or holes found on the brake surface efficiently aid in dissipating heat and reducing gases and brake dust. The GT brake kits also contain high-performing braking pads that come with particular friction features, TÜV/DOT homologated hoses braided with metal, a superior quality fastener, and adapter.

Brembo GT Brake Kits Look Good, Too

Combining expertly painted aluminum calipers in red, silver, or black, the distinctive Brembo logo, and cross-drilled or slotted brake discs, the Brembo GT kit features a sporty yet sophisticated look to provide that special something for discerning drivers who love attention on and off the track. If you want more power, you can also consider the Brembo GT-R kits that feature enhanced braking performance with their billet monoblock aluminum calipers, special brake pads, and slotted brake discs up to 405mm in diameter.