Designing a Car: Vision and Timeliness

What goes into designing a carAutomotive development is one of those things that are years in the making. It’s amazing to think about it, considering that when you look at newly released models, they have the latest innovative features drivers and passengers will love.

The process of designing a new automotive often considers the following factors:

Availability of Material

You might have noticed the preference for Baileigh bender tubing and lightweight stainless steel materials. For many luxury car manufacturers, quality is the most important factor,  so they only turn to well-known brands for tubing and motor parts. They still consider keeping the final price reasonable, so stainless steel is still a choice for mass-manufactured vehicles.


Technology, pop culture, as well as the undying love for classics, all affect the way car designs evolve. Restored classics are popular not only for classic automobile enthusiasts but they are also a viable option for car manufacturers looking to cash in on the popularity of classic models. Many of them cannot say no to a classic design, especially one with modern features.

A Touch of Something New

Car development is borne from tried and tested procedures mixed with innovation. It’s just like new iterations of the Apple iPhone: you see them getting bigger and faster, but at the core of it, the manufacturer takes what has worked for the previous model, improves it, and adds a few new features. Well-known power cars also get their more budget-friendly brothers to address the needs of those who do not have hundreds of thousands of dollars to spare.

Seen a new car rolled out recently? It’s safe to say manufacturers are already working on what they will release next, but you know that only a car designed with vision, creativity, and style at the right time is the only one that will inspire any car enthusiast.