Fuel Saving Tires Can Reduce Your Costs

stack of fuel-efficient tiresIt seems the days of buying massive, gas-guzzling trucks without having to worry about fuel consumption is fast-receding. Today, unstable gasoline costs place restraints on any ‘auto exuberance’ thus forcing car buyers to assess fuel consumption before making a purchase.

Having purchased a car, however, car owners still have to engage various mechanisms to control any urge by the automobile to consume more than it should. One of such devices is the use of fuel-saving tires from armstrongtire.com, also known as fuel-efficient or low-rolling-resistance tires.

The other side of this coin is the effect on the environment when tires that comply with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s SmartWay initiative are used. A two-pronged effort, SmartWay tires are designed to provide a minimum of three percent fuel savings in comparison with the best-selling Class 8 truck tire. How exactly do these tires accomplish costs savings?


By minimizing drag and improving airflow over the vehicle, tires certified under this EPA initiative will be able to achieve as much as five percent reduction in fuel consumption. This also means reduction of Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emission which in turn has a profound effect on the environment. In direct fuel savings, this translates to gallons of gas while cutting down on greenhouse gas emissions by as much as nine metric tons annually.

Low Resistance Tires and Retreads

Rolling resistance, which is the effort the car has to make just to get the vehicle to move along the road, accounts for as much as 35% of the car’s fuel consumption. This means that, by cutting down on rolling resistance, fuel consumption can also be reduced. SmartWay certified tires are designed to reduce rolling resistance thereby ensuring the longevity of the tires, reduced carbon monoxide emission and overall, greater value for money spent on the tires.

Many tire manufacturers have adopted this initiative, not merely as a publicity stunt but a means of differentiating themselves from the competition. In concrete terms, SmartWay partners have recorded savings of over 7 billion gallons of fuel, decreased fuel costs by $24.9 billion while slashing carbon emissions by as much as 72.8 metric tons since 2004.