How to Prepare (and Ace) State Vehicle Inspection

CarsCars play an important role in the lives of Americans. In a country that’s extremely fast-paced, owning a car makes lives not just quicker, but also more convenient. However, all kinds of possessions require a certain degree of responsibility. To regulate safety standards, states conduct regular vehicle inspections.

Like in exams, some fail while others pass with flying colors. Pinecrest Shell reminds to make sure you’re the latter by thoroughly preparing for your state vehicle inspection. These points will help you maintain your vehicle in a good shape, whether you’re up for an examination or not.


Bring a proof that you are the owner of the vehicle. Some states have online registration wherein you can input the necessary information and simply bring your vehicle for inspection. Others require manually filling up forms in the office and showing proofs of identification. Make sure you’re aware of your state’s inspection requirements.

Main preparation

Prepare your car for inspection. Some of the main points that inspectors check in your car are your lights, steering wheel, brakes, suspension, smog emission, and engine. These things should always be in place whether you are up for inspection or not because it helps keep you safe on the road.

Replace faulty lights and align your steering wheel. Make sure your brake is working perfectly fine and check your car’s suspension regularly. Change your oil and your battery when it is scheduled and make sure that you pass smog emission testing.

Minor points

Minor items, such as brake lights, windshield wipers, and tires, will also be inspected. Many people overlook the importance of having these running well, which leads some of them to fail the vehicle inspection test totally. Make sure you have all your bases covered to avoid issues from appearing.

Bringing your vehicle for inspection soon? Keep these things in mind and pass with flying colors and be back on the road before you know it. Be a responsible driver and car owner.