Storefront: A Business’ First Bling

An Attractive StorefrontAnything shiny captures people’s attention. Think why supercars are always clean and shiny: they catch people’s eyes.

Anyone who says that shiny things cannot get their attention may be lying, as it is proven that attraction to the glitzy is a basic instinct. While all this provides a glimpse into the human psyche, it is important for businesses to take something to improve marketing. Primarily, that shiny things are a surefire way of taking hold of their thought.

Searching for a Practical Way

It is plausible, but painting a business silver, gold or other sparkling colour may not be the best solution. It is gaudy, and it is doubtful whether people will find it attractive. Furthermore, there is no need to repaint the entire place. Just the storefront, as it is more visible to the most number of customers. This makes it an enterprise’s first ‘bling’.

With repainting out of the running  and shiny paint even further back, there are not that many ways to make a storefront shiny as heck. Yet, this still leaves coating as a viable option. This technique not only revitalises commercial painting projects, but it gives the surface a deeper gloss. It may not alter the business’s perception, it does make it one hell of an eye candy.

Poking a Primitive Instinct

One could deduce, or read, from the aforementioned article that the attraction to anything shiny triggers a desire for water. Being a necessity, no one can deny the lure of quenching thirst. Furthermore, marketing or advertising’s primary role today is to suggest. With that in mind, poking an instinct is an effective way of grabbing people’s psyche.

All these work to make people go into a store. It is that simple, and without going into detail about human history, the coating has a simple effect: make a business more visible. Out of all kinds of strategies to get entities noticed today, this may be the most cost-effective.

While the application of the coating is hardly cheap, it costs considerably cheaper than other ways of enhancing storefront appeal. Furthermore, in making more money, a shiny greeting is just as important as good service.