What’s the Most Common Vehicle in Utah?

A Pick Up TruckPickup trucks seemed to be the most popular vehicle in Utah in 2016, as most drivers preferred the Ford F-150 to any other car, according to data from Kelley Blue Book.

Aside from Utah, drivers from 21 other states chose the F-150 as their favorite car in the same year. In 10 states, SUVs outclassed pickup trucks and sedans as the most popular car.

Apple of the Eye

Sedans have been the most common car in California, Ohio, Florida and Washington, D.C., yet this type of vehicle may become less popular in 2018, according to Kelley Blue Book analyst Tim Fleming. Otherwise known as compact cars, sedans have continued to lose its appeal among drivers who have sought other vehicle types.

Meanwhile, the F-150 truck’s popularity in Utah stems from Ford dealerships gaining the most favor from drivers. It’s likely that you will find an auto repair service in Salt Lake City like Certified Automotive that accepts Ford vehicles for necessary work.

Pioneers of Time

Prior to Ford, there have been car companies that pioneered safety technologies during their time. In 2015, Tesla unveiled a new concept that allows driverless cars, although the company still works out the various kinks and glitches of the technology to make it safe for public use.

Two years before Tesla’s announcement, Toyota launched the Pre-Collision System as an added safety feature for its vehicles. The technology allows drivers to avoid colliding with cars or hit pedestrians. Volvo also introduced a similar concept in 2007, which is called the Blind Spot Information System.

No matter what type of car you choose, it’s important to know a trusted auto mechanic to fix or maintain your vehicle when necessary. On the other hand, those who drive a popular car have higher chances of finding more repair companies for their required services.