Why You Should Replace Your Fuel Filter

Man Fixing A CarYour Ford Ranger PX fuel filters are among the most crucial parts of your car. Filters are what stops debris and contaminants from mixing with your fuel. Making sure your filters are doing their job is crucial to your engine’s performance. Here’s why:

Increases the lifespan of the engine

Aside from increasing engine efficiency, fuel filters also boost the life of your engine. This is because filters trap any particles that can erode the inside of your engines. They prevent excessive wear and tear so that your engine can keep running longer.

Better fuel efficiency

Impurities in your fuel can cause your filters to clog. In most cases, this blockage reduces the fuel flow to the engine of your car. This means your engine isn’t getting the fuel it needs to run properly.  This causes your engine to try to compensate for the lack of fuel which can then lead to your car breaking down.

Reduced emissions

Emissions from your car can have a negative impact on the environment. Usually, a faulty engine can increase your car’s emissions.  Clean filters regulate the air and fuel in your engine and result in significantly less emissions. If you notice excessive smoke coming from your vehicle, check your filters immediately.

Finally, if ever you need to change your filters, consult a mechanic first. There are many types of fuel filters out there. Getting the wrong kind of filter could lead to more damage to your engine. Make sure you get compatible parts by taking note of the model of your car before purchasing a filter.