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The Classic Car: Is It Just Old or Does It Need to Be Unique?

What makes a classic car — classic? Is it the age, make, model, rarity or popularity? If it’s the age, how old does car have to be to gain the label of being a classic vehicle? Ardell

Gifts That Will Make Your Dad Jump for Joy

If you’re at a point in your life where you can afford almost anything, what gift will you give your dad for his birthday or any special occasion? Do you want something that he will remember and

Buying a Classic Car for the First Time

If you are a classic car buyer for the first time, there many things that you need to understand and consider. Classic car expert Chicago Car Club notes that you will be buying a vehicle that is more than

Understanding the Bending Process Involving Carbon Steel Pipes

When you bend with carbon steel pipes, you must factor in the NPS (or Nominal Pipe Size). The NPS, adhering to a standard selection of wall thickness, specifies how the transportation of air (or gas or fluid)