Gifts That Will Make Your Dad Jump for Joy

Father and son eating on tableIf you’re at a point in your life where you can afford almost anything, what gift will you give your dad for his birthday or any special occasion? Do you want something that he will remember and cherish for the rest of his life? Here are some ideas to get you started:

See him jump with excitement when you give him the key to an antique car

Most of the time, fathers give their children their first car. When you grow older, you probably have bought a new one and left the old one, for your parents to use. Now, perhaps, it’s high time to give your parents their new ride with one of the antique cars you can find in car dealerships in Utah like Ardell Brown. Imagine their faces when they see that.

Surprise him with an Italian-inspired wine bar

Does your father entertain a lot of friends in your re-modeled ancestral home? If that is the case, then an Italian-inspired wine bar would be a great addition. You can even hide it for the meantime and when it’s time, offer him a toast as your staff brings in the wine bar. It will make the gift more special if you share a drink or two with him.

Bring him along to buy his favorite musical instrument

If your dad likes to play a piano, violin or cello, you can purchase his favorite musical instrument. However, this time, you should buy it from one of the famous shops in town—that one which he always looks at, but never buys. Feign disinterest while you go around the shop with him. Once you see which one he’s always feeling and looking at, buy it for him.

Most of the time, dads keep to themselves. However, once or twice, you will hear them complain about the old rusty car you left behind or that weathered and beaten leather chair. If you are out to give your dad the gift that he will never forget, give him what he has been wanting for a long time—and see how tearfully happy he will be.