Fix Your Home’s Weak Access Points to Prevent Burglary

Burglar trying to break the glass doorIn just the first half of 2016, nearly 4,500 cases of unauthorised access or unlawful entry into homes took place in Southeast Queensland alone. While the authorities continue to work hard, they managed to close a little over 20% of them.

This alone should already make you concerned about the safety and security of your home. Of course, you want to prevent such crimes from happening to you, so why not give your house a look over and take note of its weakest security links:

Burglars: How they gain unlawful entry in the first place

Make it as hard as possible for criminals to enter your home. These unscrupulous individuals always look for the easiest and fastest way to get into their victim’s property, so you should start with tightening the security of entry points.

They usually start with doors that look unsecured or easy to break down. Remember that your front and back door aren’t the entry points in your home. The garage door can also be their target. Elite Garage Repairs explains that faulty doors, such as one that requires garage door spring repair, can allow them easy access to your property.

Stepping up your windows’ game

According to police, the second most-preferred and used access point of burglars is malfunctioning windows or those that they can easily lever. This is true for windows that don’t have bars or those that a person can fit into. This said, you should invest in quality double locks to make it difficult for them to jimmy open your windows. You should also look at other security-enhancing products, such as shutters and security films, all of which reinforce the strength and security of your windows.

All in all, the harder you make it for people to gain unauthorised access into your Brisbane home, the lower the risk of you falling victim to burglars.