MEWPs Training and Services: Learn to Access Heights Safely

ConstructionConstructing and maintaining tall buildings, carrying out installation procedures on tall structures, and surveying at height can be challenging at times. To accessing such heights safely you may require special elevating machinery known as MEWPs.

MEWPs and MEWPs Hire Services

MEWPs (Mobile Elevating Work Platforms) are equipment providing temporary work platforms for conducting work at height. These machines are commonly referred to as cherry pickers, access or aerial platforms, or scissor lifts.

Hire services for these powered access platforms include:

1. Spider Access Platforms for narrow-access indoor-outdoor use, and Tracked Spider Lifts for working on rough terrain.

2. Boom and Scissor Lifts for working on 10- to 21-metre working heights. These access platforms are usually in three options — large deck, self-leveling and rough terrain — which makes them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

3. PAV Lifts, which are push-around vertical cherry pickers with a powered mast on a mobile base. These lifts are eco-friendly since they are fuel-efficient, and are great for urban use as they are narrow and compact.

4. Telehandlers (telescopic handlers), which are cherry pickers for tasks requiring more lift capacity and height than smaller lifting equipment. Telescopic booms can extend upwards and forwards from the vehicle, thus offering increased versatility and manoeuvrability.

MEWP Training

Training is vital for the appropriate operation cherry pickers and MEWPs safety. The major training bodies that offer MEWP training: IPAF and PASMA. IPAF offers training in general aerial work platforms, while PASMA mainly offers training in handling and operating tower equipment. Both PASMA and IPAF training are offered at managerial, instructor, demonstrator and operator levels. One can enroll for a scissor lift operator course from a recognized PASMA or IPAF training center to become a fully accredited MEWPs operator or handler.

Using mobile elevating work platforms is not only a convenient means, but also a safe option while accessing heights. Operating these aerial work platforms requires skilled and technical expertise from a well-trained IPAF operator. You can, however, enroll for IPAF or PASMA training so you can operate a self-drive MEWP yourself. You can also contact a certified MEWP service provider for hire services that combine affordability, availability and reliability.