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AA Urges More Safety Information for Used Car Buyers in NZ

New Zealand’s secondary car market became bigger than the primary segment in 2016, as there were 160,000 used imported vehicles compared to around 140,000 new car sales, according to the NZ Automobile Association For this reason, the

What’s the Most Common Vehicle in Utah?

Pickup trucks seemed to be the most popular vehicle in Utah in 2016, as most drivers preferred the Ford F-150 to any other car, according to data from Kelley Blue Book. Aside from Utah, drivers from 21

Upgrading Car Wheels: Your Guide in Choosing the Right Rims for Your Vehicle

The wheels can improve the appeal of your vehicle, but did you know that these could also affect the overall driving experience and performance? Changing or upgrading the rims of your car is sometimes necessary, so check

Hail Hell: Being Proactive About Hail Storms for Your Car

People do their best to avoid car crashes. They even prepare the exact change for the parking. While all these things are necessary, in some ways, there are much more immediate concerns that require addressing. Accidents are