Benefits of Living in a Country with Intelligent Transport Systems

Intelligent Transport SystemsPublic transport systems dictate the quality of a person’s everyday life. They are essential in the safety and development of an individual who goes to work and school, or runs errands occasionally. Nothing feels better than knowing that you can arrive in your destination safely quickly, and affordably.

The United States, England, Singapore, Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates are some of the most progressive countries in the world. These countries also have intelligent transport systems that are available for both locals and tourists. The London Underground, Hong Kong’s MTR, and the Singapore Bus have not only provided convenience to local commuters, but also security to foreigners.

Apart from convenience and safety, good public transport systems benefit countries in many ways. Here are some of them.

Enhances Personal Opportunities

Reliable transport systems provide punctuality. A good train or bus system gives people the chance to attend important meetings, job interviews, and other personal opportunities. Apart from this, access to good public transportation provides mobility and freedom to reach different parts of a country.

Drives Economic Growth

According to a study by the American Public Transportation Association, every dollar invested in public transportation generates at least $4 in economic returns. The report concentrates on jobs, inventories and businesses that have made major progress because of transportation. Countries with better transportation systems also have less traffic, which prevents business delays and encourages employees to be work at every day.

Maintains a Healthy Environment

Efficient transports help maintain a healthy environment by reducing congestion and fuel consumption. Because of public transportation, countries can save up to 4.2 billion gallons of petrol every year. This reduces air pollution caused by fuel and smoke-belching vehicles. Apart from this, good transportation helps eliminate carbon footprint, or the total amount of greenhouse gases that support human productivity.

Countries should be able to provide good transportation systems not only because it will boost their economy, but also because it will increase the safety of their people. Establishing this will involve a lot of planning and money, but the results are definitely worth it.