Buying a Car Lift? Here’s What You Should Know First

Car LiftSelecting a car lift to use in your shop or residential garage is not an easy decision. While cost and brand matter, there also other factors you should consider. For starters, not all vehicle lifts meet your unique needs as a private car owner or an auto shop owner. So, if you’re planning to buy a car lift, keep the following factors in mind before spending thousands of dollars on the wrong auto lift.

  1. Lift Type

Due to its affordability, a two post lift is the most popular type of car lift. However, four post car lifts can accommodate vehicles of different sizes, from sedans and SUVs to vans and trucks. Hence, four post car lifts are ideal if you’re running an auto shop or a company with a fleet of vehicles.

  1. Capacity Limit

Car lifts have different capacity limits. For instance, the capacity limits of Challenger vehicle lifts range from 7,000lbs to 18,000 lbs. So whether you’re planning to buy a vehicle lift for personal or business use, always consider the weight of the cars that’ll be needing the lift.

  1. Garage Size

It is essential to know that the lift you’re going to buy will fit in your garage. Car lift alterations are possible, but they are usually rare and costly. Before buying a car lift, remember to measure your garage first. Take this measurement and use it as a guide when selecting a lift to purchase.

  1. Safety

Make certain that you’re going to purchase an auto lift that is safe to use. Look for shops with the Automotive Lift Institute (ATL) or ETL Listed Mark certifications, as it means that their auto lifts meet the safety standards.

With these factors in mind, you are likely to make a great decision and buy a car lift that meets your requirements.