Don’t Delay Heater Repairs — Here’s Why

Heater repairStaying as cozy and comfy as possible is a primary concern during the colder days of winter in Salt Lake City. This means being on the lookout for potential winter health hazards, especially when it comes to your home’s heating system.

Although hiring professional heater repair services in Salt Lake City means spending money, the benefits and protection they provide make the cost worth it. Malfunctioning heaters, whether electric or gas, can lead to disastrous consequences, such as the following:

Carbon monoxide poisoning

Carbon monoxide exposure is toxic and fatal. This is true even for low-level exposure. Permanent damage to the brain and the organs is one of the biggest health concerns. Inhaling CO can also lead to symptoms similar to the common cold and flu. It can also cause serious fatigue and even depression.

Explosions and Fires

Part of the job of technicians from repair companies, as explains, is to inspect your furnace for efficiency. This lessens the risk of causing problems that may put your family at risk.

Problems with an electric or gas heater, for instance, can lead to explosions and fires. An explosion with extreme force can knock back anyone, causing injuries and burns. Faulty heating equipment are common sources of house fires, and can quickly bring significant property damage, and sadly, even fatalities.


Electric heaters, since they run on electricity, may also cause electrocution. Damaged cables and wires can send powerful currents through a person’s body, causing burns outside and damages inside. And, like fires, this danger is deadly.

Whether you’re using a gas or an electric heater, you should use your eyes, ears, and nose to detect any potential problems it may cause, many of which are dangerous. And, as the Chimney Safety Institute of America strongly advises, get it repaired as soon as possible, or you and your family are at huge risk.