Maintaining Safety in the Mining Industry

MiningEvery now and then, you hear news about miners getting trapped in China, in Africa, in the Andes, Eastern Europe and Central Asia as well as in other parts of the world where mining is an important industry. From 2010, the International Labor Organization has already registered hundreds of deaths related to mining activities.

The mining incidents reflect just how dangerous this activity is. While big multinational mining corporations have instituted comprehensive occupational health and safety measures, the same cannot be said of smaller mining operations.

Fortunately, you can institute some precautions to minimise the impact of mining accidents.

  • Be a good example. It is useless to be barking safety reminders to your employees if you yourself do not seem to believe in the importance of being safe. This includes wearing the appropriate safety equipment as well as showing other safe behaviour.
  • Develop safety observation teams who will observe your miners’ behaviour during mining operations and discuss with them behaviour that might prove as safety risks. The idea is not to punish the miner but to make him realise about what makes a particular conduct inherently risky. It is up to the safety observer how to make the miner realise this without castigating the latter.
  • Reinforce the mining structure. It is important to accept that you can never control other factors such as earthquakes, but you can do something to support the mining facility in case of a tremor. Do not be content with the existing support beams as these can degrade over time. Take time to check everything and replace or reinforce those that already show signs of weakness.
  • Hire a mining safety instructor to train you and your miners the basics of safety in mining operations. Make sure that this training is given to everyone. Identify one or two miners from that first batch to serve as trainers for new miners in the future.
  • Seminars discussing proper equipment operation are also essential in the mining industry. But along with this, the management must also ensure all equipment and tools used in the workplace are functioning to its best.
  • Consider replacing old and faulty access equipment, such as ladders and mobile scaffolding, especially when trips and falls are common accidents in such workplace. Invest in brand new equipment or, at least, consider access hire in Perth,
  • Acquaint yourself with the latest safety regulations and protocols. World governing bodies on mining and metallurgical sciences always circulate updates on mining safety. Incorporate some, if not all, of them in your operations.

Mining accidents not only have impact on the lives of many, it also has repercussions to the environment. By instituting safety measures related to mining operations, you will feel much more confident that your business will not just cave in.