The Importance Of Efficient Water Distribution System In Poultry Farms

Poultry Farm

Many industries, like those belonging to the poultry industry, employ different types of systems to help them better manage their livestock. Without the support of such systems, it is tough to perform daily operations.

Like human beings, farm livestock also needs plenty of water to process the food they eat and to survive. While you might imagine these animals drinking water from a trough, just try to visualize how you would do it with 10,000 chickens. A report published in the University of Wisconsin-Madison website revealed that many US poultry farms raise from 2,000 to 10,000 chickens. When you have chicken population this size, simple things like providing them with enough water can be problematic. Employing traditional troughs is impractical, if not impossible, which is why many poultry farms in the US use a particular water drinking system.

Worry Free System

Unlike traditional troughs or individual drinking containers, the modern water drinking system for chickens use pipelines punctuated by trigger pins. These specialized trigger pins, which have been manufactured using CNC Swiss turning machines, allow water to drip when a chicken pecks it. Since the pins automatically close when the chicken finishes pecking it, water wastage is minimal. The trigger pins are spaced only several inches apart, allowing enough watering points for hundreds of chickens in a single battery cage drinking simultaneously. According to the Iowa State University, poultry farms prefer this system also because they are easy to clean and require little maintenance.

Designed To Perfection

These trigger pins may look simple to you, but the intricate design and engineering that goes into each one would surprise you. Engineers initially would make a rough sketch of the trigger pin then replicates the draft using Computer Aided Design software application. Small moving parts are also factored into the design, and once the CAD drawing is complete, it is then fed into precision machines. The latest CNC precision turning machines makes it possible to create all the parts necessary for the triggering pins to function. Even small components the size of the needle can be manufactured using CNC Swiss precision machines.

Speed And Accuracy

Since triggering pins for poultry farm water dispensing systems are always in demand, most CNC shops would make them by the thousands. It is not surprising for shops to manufacture up to 20,000 triggering pins each day with a great degree of accuracy. Such high production level is made possible with the help of CNC Swiss precision machines.

You may not realize it, but many devices used by humans and animals alike have components that are made using precision machines. These small components make it possible for a particular device, such as a poultry water dispensing system, to function very well as designed. In the case of poultry farms, managers and workers would have great difficulty in ensuring thousands of chickens have enough water to drink.