3 Easy Ways to Improve the Durability of Your Truck Tires

Excavation truck tiresThe lifespan of an average tire is often determined by the miles covered and load carried. This assumption is especially so for trucks whose main use is to transport heavy loads over long distances. Often, trucks have to pass through unfavorable terrain, which further reduces their expected lifespan. That has a negative implication on the profit margins.

Purchasing the Right Grade of Tires

The major determinant of the lifespan of tires is their quality. The higher the quality, the more the durability. As a truck owner in Florida, you may consider purchasing SmartWay tires in Miami. Armstrong Tire notes that apart from their durability, they have been praised for their ability to reduce the overall oil consumption of a car by 3%. That results in a decrease in operating expenses of the truck, saving you considerable money.

Treating Dry Rot

When a truck remains parked for too long, there’s a tendency for its tires to harden. The tires are then likely to crack if it’s subjected to heavy loads immediately after such long duration. To avoid such occurrences, the tires should be treated using softening oil to get rid of the dry rot. Similarly, the truck may be driven every two weeks to heat up the tires and maintain their elasticity.

Maintaining Tire Pressure

Maintaining the recommended tire pressure is essential in increasing the durability of tires. A truck driver may be equipped with a portable pressure gauge to ensure constant monitoring. The pressure levels may be varied depending on the weight of the load and the terrain.

The overall durability of tires depends on the level of maintenance. Neglected tires will have a limited lifespan regardless of their quality. However, when trucks are fitted with the right quality of tires, and then given the necessary level of care, you’re guaranteed of a smooth ride.