Does Your Semi-Truck Overheat All the Time?

Semi-TruckCommonly used in long-distance drives, semi-trucks are prone to various engine issues. If not addressed immediately, these issues could affect every trip that the semi-truck has to do. Hence, it is significant that truckers are aware of the common problems in driving a semi-truck, as well as how to spot them.

Based on their longtime experience in semi-truck service, the guys from Schroeder Truck Repair state that overheating engine is one of the typical issues in a semi-truck. Below are some of the possible causes of overheating.

1.Thermostat Failure

If the semi-truck overheats, the first thing that you should check is the thermostat. The failure of this component is the usual cause of overheating. Once you cooled the engine, remove the thermostat and put it into a pan of hot water. After a few seconds, remove it from the water. At this moment, the thermostat should be fully open. But, if the thermostat remains closed, it means that it no longer works properly and need to be replaced.

2.Leak from Radiator Hoses

If the thermostat is not the problem, check the radiator hoses next. Radiator hoses wear out faster than the main part – the radiator. Hence, the leaks from these parts are more common than the leaks from the radiator itself. So, check the radiator hoses for holes and cracks. If there’s any, replace them immediately.

3.Radiator Leak

If the two parts mentioned above are fine, it is likely that the cause of overheating is the radiator. Go to the nearest auto shop and have a professional replace the radiator. But, if you’re on the road when the semi-truck overheats, you can temporarily solve the problem by putting some cooling system sealer into the radiator. Cooling system sealers come in the form of pellets or powders, and they are available in many auto shops. They can be handy once the truck overheats on the road and you still need to drive a few more miles to get to an auto repair shop.

These are just some tips to spot possible causes of overheating. But, it is still better to prevent this issue if you can. Always visit an auto repair shop for preventive maintenance service before hitting the road for another long-distance trip.