Sales of Utes, Trucks in 2017 Reflect Canadians’ Penchant for Them

A light truck on a highwayCanadians’ penchant for light trucks manifested through the number of new and used vehicle sales in 2017, as sports utes and pickups represent between 68% and 69% of the market.

DesRosiers Automotive Consultants’ Dennis DesRosiers said that the market share of these vehicles in four months within the previous 12 reached more than 70%.

Pre-owned vehicles

Sales of new vehicles would comprise around 2 million units by the end of 2017, but more used vehicles are expected to change possession at an estimated 3 million units. Part of the reason behind the increase in sales of pre-owned cars involves the prevalence of older models, according to DesRosiers. There were only 600,000 cars more than 10 years old in 1990. Now, it has reached 11 million cars, he added.

By 2019, DesRosiers expects sales of used cars to reach 3.5 million vehicles. Whether new or used cars, more buyers of light trucks will eventually seek suppliers of utility trailers in Fredericton and other parts of the country. The popularity of the utes and pickups likely stems from their flexibility, as you can use for both work and leisure.

Buying process

Take note that some provinces in Canada require sellers to follow a price range for used cars, which allows you to pay a fair and reasonable amount for the vehicles. You can rely on commercial websites if the province where you plan to buy a car does not provide a price guide.

Rules also vary from each region. In Ontario, for instance, a Used Vehicle Information Package should be available for each sold vehicle. Likewise, taxes differ when you buy the vehicle from a used car dealership or a private seller.

The increasing number of car sales, whether new or old, indicates a higher demand for sales. Pre-owned vehicles, however, attract more interest among Canadians as more people want to save money.