Top 4 Considerations When Choosing Furniture Truck Rental Services

Employees of a furniture truck services hard at workMoving is an almost inevitable phase in life, be it relocating your business or moving to a new home. Do you know that furniture truck rental services could be your best option if you need assistance? You get to schedule your moving day as you find it convenient, as well as protect your precious items during the process.

But, still, there are factors you should consider when looking for the right one. cites some of them:


It is important that you hire a truck that can accommodate all your belongings. Furniture trucks are available in different sizes, depending on their capacity. Small trucks are good for moving fewer items in short distances, but you will find large trucks more useful when you have items of awkward shape or need to move large objects.

Choosing the right size of the truck will minimise damage to your items, and you will not have to make unnecessary trips.

Automatic or Manual?

Furniture trucks have either the manual or automatic transmission option. Check with your car rental company before booking to ensure that you get a truck that you are comfortable handling.

You Need Not a Special Licence

You can drive a furniture truck with a Class 1 car licence unless the gross laden weight (weight of truck and load) exceeds six tonnes. In the latter case, you will need a Class 2 licence.

Opt For a Truck with the ‘Tail Lift’ Option

A tail lift is a good additional feature to a furniture truck. It lifts cargo from the ground to the truckload level; therefore, acting as an automatic lift system. The tail lift will likewise make unloading heavy items easier and faster.

Safety should always come first. Get everything right before hiring a furniture truck. Check if there are extra accessories, such as furniture blankets and hand trolleys, to ensure a safe moving process.