Used Car Buying Pointers: How to Evaluate Driving Performance During a Test Drive

Buying Used Car in Arkansas A test drive is your opportunity to check out how a car performs. It’s also a chance to see if you could detect any issues with the brakes, suspension, steering, and other crucial systems. Concentrate on the following things during your test drive to see if the car you’re lusting after is in optimum driving condition.

  • Acceleration – Does the car pick up as quickly as you’d like and does it offer additional power? Do you lurch from dead stops or do you hear any weird sounds during accelerating? Acceleration is generally based on engine power, however, it’s also related to the car’s transmission. An excellent engine with a second-rate transmission will provide just inadequate performance. While a relatively smaller engine could be combined with a well-developed, modern automatic or manual transmission.
  • Shifting – Check if the car downshifts and upshifts effortlessly and at accurate times.
  • Braking System – Does the car feature anti-lock brakes? Also, see if the brakes respond without having to jerk significantly. Basically, see how it responds once you hit the pedal whether softly or more forcefully. It must be smooth and easy, with you getting ample power without stopping too late or too quickly.
  • Steering – Check if it responds effortlessly or lags during turns, vibrate, or pull to only one side.
  • Sounds – Not the sound system, but the actual sounds the car make. Do you hear weird sounds? If so, note when you hear the sounds so you can ask the dealer later.
  • Suspension – See if you don’t get banged around when you drive on uneven or bumpy surfaces.

Ask your car dealer if you could drive all the cars you’re eyeing on the same day so that you’ll be able to compare them properly. An expert mechanic in Arkansas also says that car dealerships will usually allow 30 minutes for test driving a car, but you could ask for more time if needed. Remember, cars have varying personalities and it is extremely critical that you buy one that will match yours.